What Happened to Robert Fisher?

April 9th, 2001, Robert Fisher murdered his family then fled, never to be seen again. Robert Fisher is currently on FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted.

At 8:42 AM, on April 10th, 2001, a fiery explosion erupted from a Scottsdale, Arizona home, rattling the foundations of every home within a half-mile. Firefighters immediately on the scene were hit with smaller aftershock explosion. After hours, firefighters were finally able to contain the 20-foot high blaze and kept it from spreading to other homes. Inside the home, firefighters discovered the bodies of Mary Fisher (38), her 12-year-old daughter, Brittney, and 10-year-old son, Bobby. However, the family patriarch, Robert William Fisher, was nowhere to be seen.

When examining the burned down-home, investigators found the gas line located in the furnace had been intentionally detached, and a candle had been lit resulting in the massive explosion. Upon examination of the bodies, officials found that the Fisher family did not succumb to the fire but were victims of a grisly murder. Mary Fisher was found to have a gunshot wound to the back of her head while the children’s throats had been slashed from ear to ear. The family dog (whom some say Robert loved more than his family), all of Robert’s clothes, Mary’s Toyota 4Runner, and Robert Fisher were nowhere to be found. With the suspicious absence of Robert Fisher, police investigators named him an Official Person of Interest in the murder of his family and arson of his home on April 14th, 2001. They theorized Fisher murdered his family, pulled the gas line, and lit the candle knowing it would take time for the gas to accumulate. Likely giving him a 10-hour head start. April 9th, 2001 at 10:43 pm ATM camera footage caught Fisher pulling out $280 cash, with Mary Fisher’s car in the background. Based on this footage, investigators theorize the murders took place between 9:30 and 10:15 pm.

Robert Fisher, an avid hunter, and rigorous outdoorsman was said to be a man of many faces. Described by some as being cruel and distant. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, at the age of 15, Fisher experienced a traumatic, troubling divorce potentially leaving long-lasting effects on him. Coworkers of Fisher’s, from the Mayo Clinic, told investigators he talked about his parents’ divorce often, going as far as telling one coworker, “his life would be different had his mother not left.” In addition to working at the Mayo Clinic as a surgical catheter technician, he also volunteered as a firefighter, served in the U.S Navy, and was a devoted fisherman. Its alleged Mary and Robert Fisher experienced problems within their relationship. Before the murders, Robert told coworkers about a one night stand and was worried Mary would out, due to him getting a Urinary Tract Infection.

A former neighbor of the Fishers told investigators “they do not have a happy marriage” followed by "They screamed constantly. Everybody heard it. You could hear it in the house next door. And you never really heard him scream, which is kind of weird. I mean he had a way about him, but you never heard him scream. You always heard his wife screaming. Things like, 'You're worthless. I could have done better than you. We should get a divorce’”. Robert's mother also spoke to investigators noting similar dynamics of her relationship within Roberts and Mary’s, something that concerned her as she was not a woman who stood up to her husband.

On April 20th, 2001, the last known evidence of Fisher would surface. Police were alerted of an abandoned car In the Tonto National Forest, located near Payson and Young, the car was Mary’s Toyota 4Runner. The inside of the car was cleaned except for a cup that matched Robert's fingerprint. The Family Dog, Blue, was found next to the vehicle as well as human feces next to the passenger door. Police immediately searched the area and searched only 1 of dozens of caves. Upon the public coverage of the discovery of Mary’s vehicle, a couple reported that a couple of days before they saw a man who looked like Fisher, walking down a road close to where the vehicle was claimed, saying to her husband “that looks like Robert Fisher”. Despite the similarities, they waited until they saw that Mary’s car had been discovered in that very area to report it. It was reported by Lori Greenbeck, a friend of the family, that Fisher and her husband went camping in that very area Mary’s Vehicle was found in, an area Fisher would be very familiar with. Some speculate Robert could have taken shelter in a cave, maybe eventually dying from lack of oxygen, or Robert could have stashed a second vehicle and made his great escape. We know Robert has experience in hunting, fishing, and is a dedicated outdoorsman, has a medical background, experience in the Navy, and skills in serving as a Firefighter, all these skills would be essential for Robert to survive, demonstrating these skills, exceeds the capability of being able to accomplish such a task of living life in the wilderness.

In the Documentary, Where is Robert Fisher?, it's noted that Robert Fisher had a back injury that required him to take pain medication. He later had a surgery that left a scar on his lower back, and affected his posture and made him walk with his chest puffed out. In the Documentary some friends and family say Fisher would be in no condition to survive in the wilderness with his back injury. Contradicting other claims of him being an avid outdoorsman.

3 years after the murders, and disappearance of Robert Fisher, a man bearing a striking resemblance to Fisher was arrested in Vancouver, Canada. A family member was brought in to correctly ID him and claimed without a doubt that the man they had, was indeed Robert Fisher. The man had the same identical scar on his lower back, and the same missing tooth with a gold bicuspids in its place, but his fingerprints did not match Robert Fishers, therefore he was let go, and his name was never released to the public. Fingerprint altering is something that has been done before, but according to Scottsdale Detective John Kirkham, there was not any evidence to suggest his fingerprints had been altered.

Almost 2 decades have gone by without any answers as to who murdered Mary Fisher, daughter Brittney Fisher, and son Bobby Fisher. Robert Fisher was placed on the FBI’S Ten Most Wanted List on June 29th, 2002. This produced hundreds of leads, but all sighting have reported to be inconclusive. Robert Fisher has also been profiled on The Hunt with John Walsh and Unsolved Mysteries. Robert Fisher is a 6-foot Caucasian male, who might walk an erect posture, has a large scar on the lower half of his back, a missing tooth with a gold bicuspid, has blue eyes, has brown hair, and weighed 190 pounds at the time he disappeared. He has ties to New Mexico and Florida. If you have any information regarding Robert Fisher please contact the FBI or Scottsdale Arizona Police Department.

A video depicting how Robert Fisher walked can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Su6TgLPQO7I


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