Meet The Face Behind Murders & Coffee

With the drive to bring awareness of the horrific acts that are committed in our country everyday, Murders & Coffee was born. 

For as long as I can remember crime has fascinated me. The idea of someone committing a senseless act like kidnapping, rape, or murder, whilst understanding the possible consequences was unsettling, yet intriguing to me.But even more unsettling were the forgotten faces of the victims. The goal of my blog, Murders & Coffee, is to give you a different look inside cold cases, explore my theories, and to not let these individuals be forgotten.

Every Monday at 8 am a new edition of #MissingPersonMonday will be posted, where we will take an inside look at unsolved disappearances. In addition, every Friday at 8am, a new cold case will be explored.

Join me on this new, exciting adventure as we deep dive into the world of the unknown.